Ready for Day Camp?

Bundaberg Day Camp

Dates for 2018: July 2-6

For Children

Day Camp is a fantastic adventure as you spend a week exploring the wonderful outdoors, building your own camp sites, doing craft, singing, making new friends and testing your outdoor skills.

Bring your friends along and also make new ones during the first week of the July holidays. What a way to holiday!

For Parents

At Day Camp we consider the safety and well-being of all children at all times as we share the good news of Christ with them. Bundaberg Uniting Church has been running Day Camp for over 30 years!!! The number of camper we can take depends on the number of leaders we have. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Ray Nutley or the Church Office.

Ages for Day Camp:

Day Camp is for those in Grades 1-7.

Here are some of the activities that each grade group will be doing.

Grades 1-3

They will be doing some special activities including cooking but not canoeing.

Grades 4-7

They will be canoeing one day during Day Camp. A bus will take them to the canoeing site and return them tot he camp (this is included in camp fees).

Grades 6-7

They will be canoeing and another special activity is in the works so check your email for those details to come!

Ages for Day Camp Bundaberg

The Team Meal

One day during the week, campers will be asked to bring along a specific ingredient for a team meal, instead of their usual school lunch. Details will be given on the first day of camp.

Day Camp Celebration BBQ & Service

When: Saturday July 7th at 5pm.

Day Camp Celebration and Service of Worship will be held at Bundaberg Uniting Church (Cnr of Electra and Barolin Streets) at 5pm on July 7th.

The evening will commence at 5pm with a BBQ that will be available until 5:45pm.

Then we will join together in the church for our celebration service. Campers will be presenting songs and other items they have worked on during the week.
This is a great time to meet the leaders and other children’s parents from your child’s group.

Registration Info:

Cost: $90 for the first child, then $70 for each additional child from the one family.

Camp forms are available from the Uniting Church office.
34 Barolin Street between 9am and 12noon, Monday-Friday.

Return forms and payment by mail to:
Day Camp, PO Box 553, Bundaberg, Qld, 4670

Registration closes Wednesday June 13th, 2018.

Registration will be confirmed by email after receiving completed registration from, medical form, and full payment by cheque or credit card.

Chekclist Bundaberg Uniting Church

After Registration

Campers will receive an email after completed registration before Day Camp outlining what they will need to bring and do for Day Camp.

The email will give details on:

  • Which Bus Stop they will need to be at
  • What times they need to be dropped off and picked up from buses
  • What food they need to bring
  • What clothing they need to wear

Other Details:

Water Bottles are compulsory and can be refilled on site.

Do No Bring items of value or belongings that could easily be lost in a bush environment. For example toys, jewelry, money, electronic games, mobile phones, cameras, pocket knives, matches, or lighters. If these items are brought to camp they will be confiscated and handed back to the parents at the bus stop.

We are looking forward to another great year at Day Camp. Come along and join in the adventure!

Need more information? Contact the church office at 4153-2201.